Adobe Education


Wed Nov 25, 2015 - 7.00 PM (Sydney/Melb), 6.00 PM (Brisbane), 4.00 PM (Perth/Singapore/Taiwan), 9.00 PM (Auckland), Midnight (San Francisco)

Student made TV News projects for all KLAs

Software - Premier Pro



About the presenter

Tim Creighton (AEL) teaches English at Kingswood High School in New South Wales (Australia), a school serving disadvantaged students. He believes that significant real-world learning enables disengaged and disadvantaged students to participate in the power of education. His classes offer challenging and creative learning opportunities with Adobe products. He believes the key to breaking the cycle of entrenched disadvantage is in each teacher’s hands — a willingness to learn new tricks and to be courageous and take educational risks. His philosophy is that any teacher can make the world a better place — one child at a time — if he or she creates an engaging learning environment.